Girlfriend Getaway

Carrie and Christy needed to get away from it all, so they headed over to Los Angeles for some fun in the sun (and to visit me)! I welcomed them to L.A. with hugs, some of the hottest weather of the year and raging wildfires.

From the airport, we headed straight to the Getty Center. (I wanted to prove that L.A. does, in fact, have culture.) We drove in circles for a while as I attempted to chat with the girls, watch the road and listen to the GPS. I’m pretty good at doing two things at a time. Three? Not so much. I can drive and talk or drive and listen – but put all three together, and well…the GPS lost most of the time. After a lovely tour of Inglewood and some other pleasant areas in L.A., I finally managed to figure out where we were going. At the Getty, we saw some art, took in the amazing views (complete with added fire-smog) and strolled the gardens.

I made the girls starve because we were supposed to meet Steven for lunch. By the time we got back to Pasadena, Steven forgot and already ate. But we made him come to the Novel Cafe and watch us eat anyhow.

That evening we headed out to Malibu to watch the sunset from a beautiful beach. Chloe Sue (the GPS) helped us avoid rush hour traffic. Translation: she sent us all around town and managed to make what would have been an hour and half drive (traffic included) turn into a two and a half hour drive.  But hey, we never hit traffic, right? Of course, we also never made it to the beach for that sunset. Christy did take some lovely pictures through the car windows as the sun crept below the horizon. Luckily, we happened upon a cute 50’s diner at the Malibu pier, and thanks to Carrie’s ability to carry cash, they allowed us to park.

Saturday was hot, hot, hot. Instead of the planned Runyon Canyon hike (with no shade), we were off to Santa Monica. We clowned around on the pier, wandered the Third Street Promenade and did some shopping (Christy made an emergency curtain purchase). Since it was so fun the day before, we decided again to starve and wait until we got back to Pasadena to eat. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant in Old Town called Mia Piace.  Yes, it was worth the wait. Yum-O.  (Carrie even made us stay extra to ensure we received our second order of bread.)

That night, we headed to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood to see Legally Blonde the musical. Seriously, what’s a girl’s getaway without an overdose of pink? The show was fab-u-lous. I laughed the whole time and couldn’t stop uttering, “Omigod you guys!”

Then, suddenly, it was Sunday. Was the end of the weekend already here? We had planned a classy brunch at my house (complete with mushroom frittata, French toast, warm bagels and fresh juice) and a tour through one of the stunning botanical gardens nearby. However, Pasadena totally smoked us out. We opted instead for lunch at the Beverly Center, house hunting in Beverly Hills (scary realtor an extra perk) and shopping on Rodeo Drive. (I may have insulted the jeweler at Tiffany’s by exclaiming his $43,000 engagement ring was tacky.)

It was fabulous, it was fun, and it was totally girlie. I can’t wait for the next trip!

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