99,000 Miles

The other day, while driving, I looked down to see that I officially hit the 99,000 mile mark.  Wow. I bought that car new.  The odometer was as close to zero as it could be when I drove off the lot and hit the road.

And this got me thinking.  Where have I gone in 99,000 miles?

Theoretically, if there were a bridge that spanned the entire circumference of the globe, I could have circled the Earth almost 4 times.  The distance across the U.S. is about 3,000 miles.  Meaning, I could have crossed the States 33 times. And yet, I didn’t do any of that.  I mean, yes, it is rather impossible to drive a car across the ocean, so imagining I could have circled the Earth 4 times is kinda silly.  But still.  33 trips across the States would have been nothing to scoff at.

And actually, I didn’t even make it across once.  So what did I do?

The sad truth is, I spent most of those miles traveling to and from work.  And I don’t mean to say it’s sad.  I mean, I had a job, the pay was good, I bought things, I went places, I built a community around me.  And I pretty much stayed in my comfortable neighborhood.  Yes, I took the occasional road trip.  I drove to Vegas to visit my family.  I drove up the California coast.  I even took a few drives to Seattle and back.  Nothing to scoff at either.

But seeing those numbers and wondering where it was I had been in 99,000 miles got me thinking.  It got me thinking that I could stand to be more present in my days.  I got me thinking that perhaps I wouldn’t be wondering where I had gone if only I had paid attention.  It got me thinking that, just maybe, I should be more deliberate about what I do with the next 99,000 miles of my life. (I know, that’s a lot of thinking for an odometer reading.)

In reality, sometimes days are just days and miles are just miles.  And I get that.  But it’s also true that your life is what you make of it, your reality is yours to design.  And I fully intend to make these next miles seriously count.  Where will I go?  Will I road trip across the States?  Will I ditch the damn car for a plane ticket and some freedom in another country?  I don’t know the answer to that yet.  Here’s what I do know:  The next 99,000 miles — they’re bound to be good.

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