Arizona Hot Springs

When it comes to hiking, I’m a sucker for anything that involves water.  Give me a lake or river, or throw in a waterfall, and you can pretty much count on me showing up (and I may have bells on). So much in the desert southwest is dry.  It’s beautiful.  But there tends to be one humongous lack of water.  Thus, I was super excited when my hiking group announced it was heading out to Arizona Hot Springs.  Bonus factor: the springs are right next to the Colorado River.  And OMG, the Colorado is one beautiful river.  Don’t you think?

(See the lower left picture?  That was a very heavy rock.  And the upper right?  Next time, that’s going to be me!)

(We enjoyed a fantastic lunch while sitting above the river, watching the water rush by.  And then we got to watch a lady in her canoe work for an hour trying row upstream because she missed her exit.)


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