Fremont Street Experience (Or, The One in Which I Go Ziplining!)

I’m always excited to report the checking off of an item from the bucket list.  And, wooho, I get to do just that today!  A month or so ago, I was going over my list with Angela, talking about how I needed to check more things off (and trying to talk her into doing as much as possible with me).  We got to number 4, go ziplining, and Angela immediately pointed out that a new zipline just opened up on Fremont Street. So of course we had to go!

We celebrated Angela’s 30th birthday a little early on Saturday night (seeing as how I’m going to be on a plane headed for Thailand next Saturday, her actual birthday).  We went to an awesome Italian restaurant on the northwest side of town called Mezzo.  (If you go, check out the eggplant parmesan.  It’s SO yummy.)  And then off we headed to Fremont Street.

Before I even get into the ziplining, let me just tell you.  If you like people watching, OMG, this is the place to go.  The tagline should go a little something like this:  Fremont – Where the Freaks Come Out at Night.  Seriously.  I had to check the sky for a full moon. Was someone playing a trick on us?  Had we walked back to 1983?  Were we in a time warp?  It was hilarious.  If you’re entertained watching the crazies, check out Fremont Street.  You won’t regret it.

But anyhow, I digress.  Ziplining! So I wasn’t nervous at all as we waited in line.  And looking at the top of the scaffolding (the launch ramp) from the bottom, I still wasn’t nervous.  As a matter of fact, I managed to buy my tickets, ride the elevator to the top of the building, stand in line while curiously glancing over the edge and even climb to the top without getting nervous.  And then they made me walk to the hooking-in point.  At which point, I totally got nervous.  They asked us to stand on a little stool in order to latch us onto the zipline wire, and I looked over at Angela asking, “Who thought this would be a good idea?”

I swear.  Sometimes I get myself into these situations and wonder how the heck they happened.  It’s not as if I don’t know I’m afraid of heights.  Or that adrenaline rushing activities make my stomach queasy.  Nonetheless, I think I like to push myself.  And although I was nervous, I was also pretty damn excited.  (And pretty damn proud of myself for being up there.)

Brian, the guy that pushed me off the deck, checked my equipment and sent me flying.  And I screamed.  And laughed.  And went gliding down the wire, across one street and onto Fremont Street. It was so much fun!  And really quite hilarious, plus a little scary, when I stopped just before reaching the landing ramp.  Instead of gliding in peacefully to the landing, I started to roll backwards.   And then I started to roll faster – back to the starting point as opposed to the ending point.  The operator on the other end tried to bounce the wire (or something like that) to get me to come back, but it didn’t work.  He ended up having to latch himself onto the wire, scoot himself upside down on it, hanging somewhat like a monkey, connect a wire to me, and pull me in on his own.  Which turned out to be awesome and all totally just lent to the experience.

It was fun!  I would definitely go ziplining again.  And I would totally recommend it!

Happy Early Birthday, Angela!!

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