In Search of: A New Direction

I’m so very excited!  The new blog design is finally up!  If you’re reading this from your feedreader or an email, come over and check it out:  I still have some details to finalize, but I’m really happy with the result thus far.  It’s been a labor of love (and, at times, a labor of pure frustration).

As you can see, I’m taking the blog in a bit of a new direction.  Well.  Not all that new.  I’ve been playing around with a focus on travel for a while now.  I just didn’t have in my head exactly how that would look.  Recently, I figured it out.  I’m focusing on travel, travel writing and travel photography.  I’m working super, super hard to bring you seriously awesome travel photos and quirky adventures.  And it all comes with a twist because my travel is centered around completing the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt.  Yep, I’ve upgraded the bucket list and made it more interesting.  Forget trying to finish everything before I die — this list will be done by the time I hit 40 (with pictures to boot)!  There’ll be points and prizes all kinds of awesomesauce involved.  Keep your eyes peeled — more details to come.

For today, I leave you with something lovely one of my students said recently.  You see, I was sitting in my classroom, chatting with one of the most awesome teenagers I’ve ever met.  She asks, “Do you think you’ll ever have kids?”  I respond, “I’m not sure, maybe someday.”  Her response?  “I hope you do.  Only because I think it would be a shame if at least one kid didn’t get to have you for a mom.  I think you’d be an awesome mother.”

Sweetest thing ever.  Um.  Can I adopt her?

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