In Search of: Some Fun in the Mud — the Mad Mud Run

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I’m not exactly the world’s worst runner.  But I’m not that good either.  Actually, I sort of suck.  I mentioned this to my students the other day while we were having a discussion about human characteristics — how much is genetics and how much is environment.  They were like, “Do you have one of those really awkward runs?”  No.  Not really.  I just suck at running.  I’m slow.  And it hurts (quite literally, as I have iliotibial band syndrome that affects both of my knees).  Yet, I still seem to want to run!  The truth is, my running often turns into some sort of run-walk and, eventually, into a walk.  I don’t mind though.  I just love the idea of traveling by foot.  I also love getting dirty.  Who doesn’t like a little mud?

Last year, I discovered there are companies that actually put on events for people like me, runners that like to get dirty.  They’re called mud runs!  If you’re looking for some fun and can’t travel too far outside your area, this may be the adventure for you.  It likely requires no travel, it occurs on the weekend (thus, no vacation days used from work), and it makes you feel like a kid again.  (I’m all for acting child-like.)

My first mud run was the Irvine Lake Mud Run in California.  It was full of mud pits and obstacles — crawling under nets in the mud, jumping through tires, sliding down hills.  I had so much fun I decided to do it again this year!  I can’t do the Irvine Lake Mud Run, as it’s on March 31, and I’ll be out of town.  But I discovered a mud run literally within walking distance of my house — the Mad Mud Run in Las Vegas.  It’s 4.6 miles, and the course map looks like a ton of fun.  There are balance beams and belly crawls and walls to scale and, of course, mud!  The date is April 21, and it’s at Knickerbocker Park in Providence.

If you live in Vegas and you’re at all inclined to run, walk, act silly or get dirty, I highly encourage you to consider the mud run.  It’s so much fun.  Who cares how slow you are!  It’s all about getting outside and playing.  So what do you say — join me?

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