In Search of: The Right Words

Sometimes you have to say goodbye.  To a person.  A place.  A memory.  Sometimes you have to give that thing a moment to sink into your heart, your soul.  And then you have to let it go.  Because it’s holding you back.  Because try as it might, it doesn’t cause you happiness, it causes you pain.  Sometimes saying goodbye isn’t always sadness and heartache.  Sometimes it’s a new beginning.  It’s allowing yourself to move forward.  It’s opening up to new possibilities.  It could be a friend.  A job.  A way of being.  Whatever it is.  Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you.   Think only of yourself.  Of your outcome, you’re end.  And you have to be strong.  Stronger than you ever thought you could be.  And you hold tight.  You hold tight, and you wait.  And you get stronger.  You become bolder.  More forward.  More daring.  And you realize.  Letting go wasn’t exactly letting go.  Letting go was simply starting again with a stronger foundation.  A better understanding.  More love.  More compassion.  Sometimes you have to love the world where it’s at.  And love yourself for realizing that little piece of genius.  Sometimes, letting go wasn’t exactly letting go.

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