In Search of: Summer Jitters and Overall Awesomeness

I am amazed.  Regardless of how much time I have on my hands — I seem to have no time on my hands!  Did that make any sense?  Prior to the start of summer break I had this idea in my head that during my down time I would write every day.  I would have posts upon posts saved in draft on the blog, ready to publish.  I would get so much accomplished!  Except that hasn’t happened.

Let’s be honest.  The first week of summer break, I completely lazed around, enjoying the fact that I had nowhere to be and no schedule to follow.  But then I started to get busy.  I completed another training hike for Mt. Whitney (San Gorgonio!).  The training hike was awesome — but man, it took the energy right out of me (I’ll be sure to tell you about the hike in a future post).  After San G, I came home and started running around like a mad woman.  First, I needed to finish a few things at my house — a bit of spring cleaning, I suppose.  Then I realized I actually don’t have that much time before the real summer vacation begins (Mt. Whitney followed by Guatemala and Honduras).  I made a list and am hurriedly trying to check it off prior to Whitney.  I’d like to hit California early if at all possible, which has me scurrying a bit.

I’m super excited for everything that’s around the corner.  I am so incredibly fortunate to have these opportunities.  Sometimes, when it rains it pours.  (And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.)  I’ve got pouring rain of possibility over here — possibility to climb mountains and travel to exotic locales and attend conferences and spend time with great friends and learn all kinds of new things.  It’s amazing.  But my writing has suffered a bit.  Balance.  Did anyone ever say it would be easy?  Aw, who cares!  Throw caution to the wind and have at it.  I suppose I’ll get around to the writing when I get around to the writing.

What’s the point of this post, you ask?  Just checking in.  I wanted to say hi and how are you and I hope you’re summer has started out equally as inspiring and nerve wracking and exciting and jittery as mine.  And if summer’s leaving you a bit flat, find something that stirs your blood.  In hindsight, you’ll be ever so happy you did.

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