In Search of: Photos from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Perhaps you recall this post in which I tell you Lake Atitlan is beautiful and gorgeous and well worth the trip (but the hotel I stayed at was less than worth the price)?  At the time, I was in Belize (or Guatemala or some such Central American country), and I wasn’t able to post photos.  Well — I’ve gone through pictures from Lake Atitlan, and I want to share them with you!  It’s such a beautiful place; truly it is.  It’s hard to believe when I was planning this trip, I almost chose to skip the lake altogether.  But a chance meeting with a stranger back home convinced me it was worth the stop.  He was right.  The lake was the perfect introduction to Guatemala (and relaxation and yummy food).  Enjoy the photos!

Lake_Atitlan  (10).jpgLake_Atitlan  (11).jpgLake_Atitlan  (12).jpgLake_Atitlan  (19).jpgLake_Atitlan  (24).jpgLake_Atitlan  (29).jpgLake_Atitlan  (31).jpgLake_Atitlan  (34).jpgLake_Atitlan  (35).jpgLake_Atitlan  (36).jpgLake_Atitlan  (40).jpgLake_Atitlan  (45).jpgLake_Atitlan  (47).jpgLake_Atitlan  (48).jpgLake_Atitlan  (50).jpgLake_Atitlan  (51).jpgLake_Atitlan  (52).jpgLake_Atitlan  (53).jpgLake_Atitlan  (55).jpgLake_Atitlan  (6).jpgLake_Atitlan  (60).jpgLake_Atitlan  (62).jpgLake_Atitlan  (63).jpgLake_Atitlan  (67).jpgLake_Atitlan  (68).jpgLake_Atitlan  (7).jpgLake_Atitlan  (71).jpgLake_Atitlan  (74).jpgLake_Atitlan  (78).jpgLake_Atitlan  (82).jpgLake_Atitlan  (9).jpg


P.S. The pictures you see of me were taken by Terrell over at Photo Anthems.  (It’s pretty awesome having another photographer around while you travel — you don’t have to find ways to take self-portraits!)

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