In Search of: Photos of Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Sometimes I’m the laziest blogger ever.  It’s true.  I’ve thrown myself into work, travel and all kinds of fun things that have pulled me away from blogging.  This isn’t to say I don’t have awesome things to share with you.  I’ve got a ton — seven more cities from Central America, hiking up Mt. Whitney, a long weekend at Havasu Falls and, after this weekend, another long weekend in Zion National Park.  Mountains and oceans and waterfalls, oh my!  In the mean time, enjoy these pictures from one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala — Semuc Champey.

Semuc_Champey  (10).jpgSemuc_Champey  (17).jpgSemuc_Champey  (28).jpgSemuc_Champey  (3).jpgSemuc_Champey  (31).jpgSemuc_Champey  (32).jpgSemuc_Champey  (33).jpgSemuc_Champey  (37).jpgSemuc_Champey  (40).jpgSemuc_Champey  (45).jpgSemuc_Champey  (47).jpgSemuc_Champey  (48).jpgSemuc_Champey  (52).jpgSemuc_Champey  (54).jpgSemuc_Champey  (55).jpgSemuc_Champey  (57).jpgSemuc_Champey  (58).jpgSemuc_Champey  (59).jpgSemuc_Champey  (69).jpgSemuc_Champey  (72).jpgSemuc_Champey  (74).jpgSemuc_Champey  (77).jpgSemuc_Champey  (80).jpgSemuc_Champey  (82).jpgSemuc_Champey  (83).jpgSemuc_Champey  (89).jpgSemuc_Champey  (91).jpg

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