In Search of: Giddiness. And Planning and Scheming for 2013.

(Above photo: a barefoot walk through mangrove swamps in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala — courtesy of Terrell of Photo Anthems)

The end of the year is around the corner, and I’ve been thinking about how precisely I’d like to ring in the new year.  Not in a New Year’s Eve celebration kind of way.  More in a 2013 planning and scheming kind of way.  What do I want the year to look like?  How successful was last year?  How do I ensure 2013 is even more successful?  So as my mind was racing through clouds of memories and coming up with planning ideas a few hours ago, I started perusing the blog.  And, holy crap, my life is good.  I mean, have you seen all those pictures of the amazing places I’ve been?  It’s the stuff of fairytales.

Occasionally, I stop to think about it — how much I love my life — and I sort of want to do a cartwheel, shed a tear and pinch myself.  Yes, I have bad days, and I sometimes want to punch someone.  Yes, my students have days when all they do is whine, and I feel like I can’t provide a competent answer to a single question.  Yes, I get stressed and anxious and sleep deprived on occasion.  It’s not perfect, but lets be honest, it’s damn near close.  I cannot believe just how many amazing places I’ve been (I mean, really, how many people can say they’ve been tree-climbing in the Amazon?).  Plus, I love my job.  It’s challenging and fulfilling, and it pays the bills to boot!  My personal life is fantastic, my professional life is the bombdiggity, and quite simply, I’m happy.

I plan to put it all down in detail, but for now, I’m looking for 2013 to hold a few things:  curriculum development at work (planning new labs in particular) that focuses on specific aspects of biology (medicine, international health issues, etc.), continued growth in my photography (with a focus on landscapes and what I’m calling “whimsical” portraits), travel to a brand new continent (well, I suppose the continent’s been there a while; it’s me that it’s brand new to), and lots and lots of love.  I’m giddy with the possibilities.

My plan is to pull together a few goal worksheets for the year and put this all on paper.  Also, I’ll totally share them with you.  Yes, I’ll give you all the details of my goals.  But I’ll also give you the worksheets (if ever you’re so inclined to do such a thing yourself).  I can’t wait to share!

Winter vacay is just over two weeks away, and I am thrilled to have a bit of time for all this scheming.  Good times, my friends.  Good times.

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