In Search of: Setting Goals for 2013 (Welcoming the New Year!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to set up 2013 — what are my goals? what do I want to accomplish? where do I want to travel? — all the goods.  I sort of always do this at the start of a new year.  And this year, I’m a bit surprised to see a lot of friends are doing the same.  In 2012, it seemed that resolutions were so last year.  Yet, they seem all the rage again this year.  Woot!  To all of you that are setting goals and making resolutions, I wish you good fortune in making those plans a reality.


Now, for me, it’s simply a matter of choosing which goals to set to paper.  I have a tendency to want to do 1,001 things at once, and then it’s hard to focus.  This year, I’m limiting myself to five specific goals.  For the moment, I’m just listing them out (the ones that have been on my mind).  When I have some time, I’d like to be a bit more deliberate about the whole goal-setting process.  But I’ve found myself a bit scattered lately, and being deliberate hasn’t quite entered the equation.  When that time does come (that elusive deliberate time), here’s the plan: 1. identify five values that are most important to me, the ones that I hold close to my heart and that come together to bring me happiness, 2. for each value, develop five specific goals that will support that value and bring more of that particular thing to my life, and 3. review the list of goals (now 25) and choose the five that I want the most.  I like to be methodical in this whole process to make sure I find myself doing things that are in line with what I value most in life.  Because, sometimes, when you’re not even looking — your values and actions and priorities — they get all out of whack.  And you’ve got to bring it back home.

Anyhow, like I said, I haven’t exactly followed this process yet.  And so, for now, I’ve got a few things to share that I will do in 2013.  Some are year-long projects; some are one-shot deals.  So without further ado, here are five things I’m working on for the year.

Plans for 2013:

  1. Finish the Red Rock half marathon (March 9, 2013).  Ah, that elusive goal of fitness.  I’m actually pretty good about staying fit and being consistent with my workouts.  But I find, without something to work toward, I don’t push myself.  When I trained to summit Mt. Whitney last year, I was in amazing cardiovascular shape.  I want that back!
  2. Self portrait series (52 in total):  This is a creative project designed to push my photography to the next level.  I seriously love portrait photography, and I want to get better.  I’m a little shy asking people to let me do their portraits, not to mention, I’m not that confident with posing and allowing myself to be super creative when others are involved (not yet anyway).  So, to boost my confidence, push my creativity and learn a bunch about taking portraits, I’m creating a series of yours truly.  I’ll be sharing them on the blog throughout the year, and with a little luck and hard work, you’ll see some growth!
  3. Recreate another photographer’s work series (26 in total):  I love this idea, which I got reading another photographer’s blog (just wish I could remember whose blog I was reading).  Nonetheless, the idea is stellar, and I’m using it.  Throughout the year, I’m going to seek out photos I love from other photographers.  And a couple times a month, I’ll set out to recreate one of those photos (of course, I’ll always give credit to the original photographer).  This one is all about learning from others.  I have so much to learn in photography that I sometimes get overwhelmed and do nothing because I don’t know where to even start.  This gives me a specific place to start, and I’ll learn tons of skills by actually putting them to practice.
  4. Buy a house:  Apparently, this one involves a lot of luck and quite a bit of perseverance.  I’ve been putting in offers since around October and have had no luck.  The real estate market is tough out here, particularly in my price range.  There are a lot of cash investors that have the ability to beat me out, thus far, every time.  But before I throw in the towel, I’m giving myself another 12 months to get an offer accepted.  Financially, it makes a lot of sense for me to become a homeowner, and so I’m going to do what I can to make that happen.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  5. Travel:  At this point, this is pretty much a given.  Did you doubt I would make travel a priority in 2013?  I think not!  My plan is for two big trips this year — over spring break and summer.  I’m putting quite a bit of time into planning these days, and I should have some juicy details for you soon.  Stay tuned!

So those are my five big plans for 2013.  There’s also a curriculum project I’m scheming up, which I’ll likely share with you in the coming months.  I think I’ve got a phenomenal year ahead!  What about you?  What resolutions or goals did you decide on for the new year?

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