In Search of: 100 Ways to Happiness

My dear friend, Jen, over at South Pacific Bound posted a list of 100 things that make her happy.  And it sort of inspired me.  Because it’s so easy to forget the awesome and focus on the less than awesome.  Jen’s list totally made me smile.  So much so that I knew making my own list would be even more smile-inspiring.

So here goes.  100 things that make me happy (brought to you in smaller chunks — expect two installments of 50 things that make me happy!).

Tobacco_Caye  (77)-3.jpg

  1. Buying airline tickets
  2. Researching a new travel destination
  3. Lingering hugs
  4. Getting lost in a kiss
  5. Reaching a mountain peak
  6. Going down the mountain instead of up
  7. Wildflowers (especially if in a meadow)
  8. The meadow at the top of the South Loop Trail
  9. Sitting next to a turquoise waterfall in the Grand Canyon
  10. Glimpsing a spectacular sunrise off the balcony, and opening the blinds to enjoy it
  11. Sleeping in on Saturdays
  12. The sound of ocean waves
  13. My house decorated exactly as I like
  14. Pinning ideas for decorating my house exactly as I like
  15. Thai food
  16. Mexican food
  17. Carrie’s guacamole
  18. Laughing over memories with an old friend
  19. Reading a good book on a rainy day
  20. Rainy Saturdays
  21. Sun-shiny Saturdays
  22. Saturdays in general
  23. Winter break
  24. Spring break
  25. Summer break
  26. Being told I’m my student’s favorite teacher
  27. Being told I would be a great mom
  28. Color Running!
  29. Fresh flowers
  30. Beach sand under my feet
  31. A beautiful photograph
  32. A beautiful photograph that I took
  33. My grandma’s art
  34. Hearing “thank you” from my students
  35. Text messaging
  36. The possibility of owning a home
  37. Spring conferences
  38. Singing in the car. loud.
  39. A hot bath
  40. Reading on my Kindle
  41. Moments that make me realize just how fortunate I am
  42. Partners in crime (you know who you are)
  43. Being loved
  44. Giving love
  45. Doing pushups without modification
  46. Peaceful moments at home
  47. Good conversation paired with good food
  48. Afternoon naps
  49. Losing time while editing photos
  50. Creating my year-end video, and getting lost in the memories

Stay tuned.  The next 50 are on their way!!  Enjoy the weekend, my friends.  And be sure to take a moment to think of the things that make YOU happy.

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