In Search of: An Added Name, Plus an Update

It’s been quiet around here on the blog.  That’s been intentional.  I’ve been having problems posting photos (sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it’s a big mess).  Seeing as how this blog has morphed into much of a photo blog of my travels and adventures and other random stuff, I’ve decided I need to fix this problem before posting a hell of a lot more.  Which led me to my next decision: a total blog redesign.  I’m getting rid of this mess of a theme (at least as far as photos are concerned) and working with something totally new.  Also, my web address will be changing to my actual name ( will still work; I’m just making an addition).  In the past, I’ve made some efforts to keep my full name off the blog.  But I’ve come to realize I don’t care to keep that a secret — I’m proud of my photography and everything else I post — so why bother, you know?  The new website is going to be photography focused.  I spend so much time on my photography these days, I think it deserves the spotlight.  The writing will still be there.  But the photos will be front and center.

So, long story short, I’m updating my website.  It’ll likely be quiet around here another month as I put the work in.  BUT.  It’s not quiet on Twitter or the Facebook page.  I would love to have you join me in one (or both) of those spots!  (And I’m posting lots of Ireland pictures on the Facebook page these days!)

Happy Saturday, my friends!!

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