In Search of: A Break from Exhaustion

To some, Sunday is the day of rest, and I’m totally buying into that today. Holy cow, am I tired! After painting for five days straight, I nearly thought I would lose my mind when I decided to tackle the kitchen. With the kitchen done, the entire main living area would be done. And I LOVED the thought of that. I did not, however, love the thought of actually painting the kitchen.

As painting goes, kitchens suck. Not because there’s a lot of painting. The walls are covered with cabinets and such. I only used about a quart for two coats (obviously I don’t have a particularly large kitchen). What sucks about them, though, is all those dam cabinets – you have to paint around them. And you have to be neat! It might also have been the fact that my body was completely and utterly exhausted and my brain could barely talk my body into doing the work without a total breakdown ensuing. I managed to stave off the breakdown. But I wanted to cry pretty much every hour on the hour. It didn’t help that the person who attached the thousand outlet covers and switch plates in my kitchen (seriously, why so many in such a small kitchen??) thought it would be fun to caulk around every single plate. I had to cut and pry those things off the wall. It took forever! So, to whoever did that: Never do that again. Anywhere. Ever. It may give the plates a nice clean, flat-against-the-wall appearance, but the next painter will hate you. And I’m actually changing out all of my receptacles and switches, so I didn’t have the choice to leave them on and paint neatly around them.

Anyhow, I digress. The point of this is not to rant about unnecessary caulking (that just sounds wrong). The point is to say: it’s over! The kitchen, living room, dining area, hallway — all are painted!! Of course, there are a still a few things to paint in the house, but that was the big challenge. And it’s done. Yay!!

The next big project? Base boards in the bedrooms. I’ll get around to complaining about the baseboard situation soon (but I’ll save you from the overwhelm of hearing about all my complaints in one post). The awesome part, though, is that my dad is coming to help! Yay!! He’s flying in, and we’re tackling this baseboard issue.

And, in due form, here are pictures of the completed kitchen and living room. Mind you, the lighting wasn’t so good, thus you can’t really see the color in the kitchen (at least on my monitor), but I’m sharing regardless. (And just so you know, the place is not decorated yet. It’ll be way prettier when it’s really all done.)

First, I tackled the hallway. Or half of it anyway. I knew painting around the five doors would drive me near my breaking point, and I figured it best to get that out of the way.


The next day, I finished the hall and tackled the largest wall in the living room. I also spent a good hour scraping a baked-on, caked-on sticker from the sliding doors. Note to self: never ever ever put a sticker on a window. I had to move the couches to finish the walls, and Lucy, my house guest for the week, was obviously not impressed that I took away her carpet. 😉 Oh, and I do love how the blue from my bedroom peaks out as you look down the hall. Don’t you?


Then was the soul-crushing kitchen painting day. Did I mention I didn’t manage to get a shower until 8 o’clock at night? It was just gross all around. Thank goodness that’s over! Oh, and these are the pictures where you can’t really see the color. But whatevs. Enjoy them anyhow. 🙂


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