In Search of: A Fireplace Makeover

This weekend, I did a quick fireplace makeover. I have big plans for the fireplace in the future, including a custom mantle. But my budget is running short at the moment, so I decided a band-aid makeover was in order. What’s a band-aid makeover? It allows you to change the look of something you don’t like without spending a fortune. And you know what? My fireplace makeover was a success! I love it, actually. One day I’ll get around to the custom mantle build-out, but until that day, I’m perfectly happy with how this turned out!

Here’s what the fireplace looked like when I first bought the house. It had two things I despise: black tile and brass accents.


Then I painted the living room, and cleaned out the fireplace (lots of icky stuff inside there!), which brought it to looking like this:


Once the living room painting was done, it was time to dress up the fireplace. I painted the tiles white. I chose white because my trim and ceilings are white, and I thought this would be a more cohesive look. The guys at Lowe’s suggested I use a bonding primer that is made to go over slick surfaces like ceramic tiles. I used it, and it worked great. Though I have to warn you — if you’re covering dark tile, be prepared to put on several coats of primer and paint. I did two coats of primer and three coats of latex paint. (The three coats may have been overkill, but my eyes were playing tricks on me, and I couldn’t tell if the black was still showing through!)


I then cleaned up the fireplace doors, taped them off and spray painted the brass bits silver. The handles needed desperately to be replaced rather than spray painted (in part due to stickers wrapped around those handles from the prior occupant — super awesome!). I replaced the handles with some silver button knobs.


To complete the look, I reattached the doors, filled the fireplace with candles and hung the TV.


All done! I’m super excited that in the next few weeks I’ll be done with most of the house projects, which means one thing: the big house reveal is coming soon! I can’t wait to show it to you fully decorated. In the mean time, I’ll keep posting to show my progress. Have a great day!


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