In Search of: A Small Win

It’s quite possible I found the one perfect shade of beige, greige, light brown, whatever-you-want-to-call-it in the universe that doesn’t have a funky hue under the light in my house. You see, this strange thing kept happening: every shade of gray or brown I tried started looking purple as soon as I put it on the wall. And I tried a lot of them. After painting my bathroom what was to be the perfect shade of gray-beige (or “grayed mocha” as described by the store), I noticed it took on a bit of a purple hue. This kinda bugged me. And I couldn’t figure out why it looked that way. I had planned to use a similar color in the living area. But when I noticed the purple hue, well, that I didn’t want. So I went on a hunt. A hunt to find the perfect neutral that didn’t look purple. Easier said than done, I tell you. Every color, every single one, carried a purple hue on these dam walls in one way or another. Some were more obvious than others. I had nearly decided to give up — either I was changing the color plan all together, or I was settling for a “purple-ish” neutral. But then I was at Lowe’s the other day, picking up my eighth paint sample. I picked up a paint chip I didn’t think would work. It was a grayed-beige also. But it had a bit of a green hue. Why not? I asked for a sample and took it home. I painted the last two samples on the wall, and what do you know — that greige with the green undertones? It was PERFECTION!

I just finished painting one of the walls in my living area. The hue is exactly what I wanted. Plus, not a hint of green. And best of all, not a hint of purple! So, all that to say: sometimes you win one. I needed that.


This was the wall before painting it. As you can see, the color sample squares were getting a little out of control…


And then I started painting the wall.


And the wall is done! As you can see, I only painted one wall so far. It’s a slow go over here. One wall at a time. The wall to the left is the original color I’m working to cover up (well, obviously the ceilings are done, which is why you see heavy white over-spray from the ceilings and trim). My happiness with this color choice is encouraging me to hate this house a little less…

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