In Search of: Oh, You Know, More House!

I stuck to my schedule and painted another wall today. I chose what I figured would be the most difficult. And I think I was right. 3 windows, a door, a fireplace and a funky wall decorative build-out. It nearly took me all day. Granted, I had to make a quick run to the store for a new paint brush this morning, followed by who knows how long cleaning out the fireplace. I find it funny that the previous owner of the house didn’t once use the fireplace (evidenced by the fact that the gas has been capped since prior to his purchasing the house). Yet, there was a ton of debris still in the darn thing from the previous, previous owner. Am I the only one that notices such things? Anyhow, it’s super clean now! Aside from wanting to sweep out the debris, I actually scrubbed the inside of the fireplace (a good 5 times) because I don’t plan to use it as a fireplace but rather fill it with candles and make it pretty. I also removed the mesh curtains and the glass doors, as the curtains were simply a collection of dust (you have no idea how much dust came out of those things!), and the doors are in need of scrubbing and and a quick spray paint update (goodbye 90’s brass). Alas, pictures from the day:

Here’s the clean fireplace! It’s nothing special at the moment, but I was seriously proud of my cleaning skills (or likely my willingness to stick with it even as I became a sooty mess).


After cleaning the fireplace, I tackled the wall. (Obviously, the furniture has not found its final resting place.)


And then my day’s work was done! (I bet you can guess where I’m starting tomorrow.)


On another note, I think there are UFOs in the dining area…


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