In Search of: An Electrical Shock

I’ve hit a bit of a wall today. I’m tired. So I’m going to do exactly: nothing. I’d say it’s because I’ve been working so much on the house (which I’m sure is part of it), but mostly I think this streak of laziness is due to the fact that I woke up before the sun this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Don’t you hate it when you can’t sleep and decide to get up, and as soon as you’re dressed and ready for the day you’re also ready to go back to bed? That was me this morning. Except my friend was on his way over to finish a project at my house, so bed wasn’t an option.

I know just what you’re thinking right now: exactly what house project are you working on this time? And if you weren’t, you are now! 🙂 So my friend, Justin, came up with this brilliant idea — wouldn’t it be awesome to change out all your outlets and switches so they’re the more modern, rectangle versions as opposed to the ones in your house now? At first, I wasn’t sure why I would want to bother, but then I noticed that a lot of the newer houses do in fact have the different style of outlets and switches. Turns out Justin could get them for a steal, and seeing as how the price was right, after the idea ruminated a bit, I suggested we do it. And what I meant by that was, “Yes! You should totally come over to my house and change out every single outlet and switch.”

Weeks later, I’m fairly sure Justin regrets having suggested this in the first place. Turns out, there are A LOT of switches and outlets in a single house. And it’s not a quick project. So today, the job was finished. Mind you, I was absolutely no help on this project at all. I sat on the couch surfing Pinterest while he replaced every outlet and switch. Granted, now that the actual light switches and receptacles are changed out, I have to go around the house and put cover plates on them all. And I assure you, that’s a pain in the ass itself. I now have a whole new respect for the guy whose job it is to do this each time a house is built. Poor guy. He must want to poke his eyes out with a dull butter knife each time the job pops up.

But…I love the new look. So even though it’s been a bit like Chinese water torture, now that it’s done, I’m quite happy. Here’s to hoping you’re happy about something today too!

Here’s the look of the old switches:


Justin, pretending to be happy about doing this lovely job:


And the new ones!


Sometimes it’s the seemingly small touches that really make a big difference.

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