In Search of: The BIG House Reveal!!

It’s officially the last week of summer vacation. And you know what that means — it’s time to show you the house! I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in my life. This house pretty much consumed the entire summer and made me want to throw everything out the window and run off to some exotic locale forever. But even though the work made me want to cry about 80 times, I’m super happy with the results. This house looks SO different from when I first moved in. It officially looks like mine, and I love it. And even though it took me away from a summer full of Australian beaches, Hawaiian hiking trails and diving the Great Barrier Reef (which, by the way, I’m already making plans to make up for), I think it’ll be worth it in the end.

The house is about 90% done. There are finishing touches required to complete the decorating (things like hanging paintings and artwork, end tables, etc.) and a big project involving the kitchen cabinets. I decided to hold off on the cabinets for the moment because I keep changing my mind about the technique I’m going to use to refinish them, but I went ahead and put the new hardware on them for the time being. Other than that, the inside of the house is DONE. Woohooooo! I think this is cause for celebration!

And now I’ll stop talking. Because I know what you want — PICTURES!! (Hold on to your hats, this is a long one!)

At the Curb:




Dining Area:


Living Room:


Den/Art Room:


Hall Bathroom:


Guest Bedroom: (in which you may notice the obvious lack of a bed. Details…)


Master Bathroom:


Master Closet: (Look — the only room in the house I didn’t change! Woot!)


Master Bedroom:


And there it is! I have so many projects I still want to tell you about (complete with lots of pictures). But I simply couldn’t hold off on showing you the finished product (I’m too dammed excited!).

Being someone that travels a lot, I find it so important to have something beautiful to return to after an amazing (and perhaps tiring) trip — a place that makes me want to run from the airport right back to my super comfy, super awesome HOME. And now I have just that. And that fact in itself makes me very happy.

Feel free to pin and share pictures! I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for a few homey projects of your own!

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