In Search of: The House — BEFORE…

I just realized I never posted a full set of “before” photos of the house. I posted them on Facebook and sort of forgot I never actually put them on the blog. And I think it’s time you saw what the whole thing looked like before I got to work, especially seeing as how I’m going to reveal the “after” pictures on Wednesday! Yes, yes, yes — I am soooooo happy to be done with the majority of the work!

It’s funny, when I first got the house, I didn’t take a ton of pictures. I took some — because I knew I would want to show before and after photos. But at the same time, there were SO many things I didn’t like and wanted to change, I really didn’t want pictures reminding me of all the work I had to do. Well, that and I was super exhausted from the serious amount of cleaning that had to be done before I could even start on the revamp. Ah well, lesson learned: take lots and lots of before pictures!!

Anyhow, without further ado, here’s what it looked like. (A few of these before photos are from the MLS listing of a few years ago when the house was on the market to be rented, as evidenced by the “GLVAR 2011” stamp.)

Kitchen: (Ah, the caked on grease that comprised the kitchen. Priceless…)


Dining Area: (Things were so much cleaner before it was rented. Too bad I got it after the 2 years of renting…)


Living Room:




Hall Bathroom:


Guest Bedroom:


Master Bathroom: (Look at that close-up of the shower doors. Could those things have been any dirtier? Eww! Oh, and did you see the butt sprayer? Also, priceless.)


In this photo, several things had already been done to the master bathroom, but it shows you the lovely black tile on the floor. Oh baby…


Master Closet:


Master Bedroom:


And on Wednesday, you get to see what the house looks like now!! Yippeeee!!

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