In Search of: The Self-Portrait Series

The past couple weeks, I’ve had a crush on Pink’s latest album (The Truth About Love). Check it out — you’ll love it. There’s one song called “How Come You’re Not Here?” that’s a favorite. A line asks the question, “Did you take a long walk off a short pier?” Every time I hear it, I sing really loud. Because it’s just too dam funny, and it makes me laugh. Maybe you have to hear it to really appreciate the awesomeness. In any case, while creating this latest post, I started singing that song to myself. A lack of posts in the self-portrait department sort of begs the question,  “Did it take a long walk off a short pier?”

Um. No.

I’ve been working on it. I just haven’t posted much on the project in a while. And it occurred to me that I should start posting those!

Yesterday I did a quick session at my house for portraits. I wanted to see if it would be possible to take a good picture in the overgrown, weedy, unkempt bucket of rocks that I currently call my backyard. (I’ll get there one day to fix this mess; I swear.) Turns out, yes, you can take quite a lovely portrait there. And I daresay, the light in the evening is quite lovely. I took this picture when the sun was starting to tip in the ‘down’ direction. Not quite sunset because I had somewhere to go. But the light was yummy nonetheless.

Here’s the latest in the self-portrait series:


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