In Search of: A Way to Make it Work and Get Out Alive

I’ve got super exciting news!

Remember when I booked my flight to Australia and frantically started planning an amazing summer trip — until, well, I decided to buy a house and all my plans went out the window? Yeah, me too. I had to cancel my flight and get a flight credit from Hawaiian Airlines. Since then, I’ve been watching flight prices for the school breaks and next summer, and I’ve got to tell you, things weren’t looking good. Prices were sometimes $1,000 more than the price I originally paid. Which did not make for happiness. Anyhow, none of that matters now because I found a fantastically priced ticket for spring break!! Yep. Australia is happening — April 2014.

I shared this news with my friend, Christy. She’s that awesome travel buddy I’ve told you about. She said to me, “The big question — what are you going to do while in Australia??” I gave her my list. Which was kind of a lot for a two week trip. And I mentioned I would have to figure out what would realistically fit. She responded, “Make it work!” (Seriously, I love this girl’s attitude.) Yes, yes! Make it work, I will do. So in the end, Christy’s advice boiled down to: make it work, and get out alive! (Okay, she was referring to TV shows. But, heck, I like it, so I’m running with it!) 🙂

So that’s my plan. I’m heading to Australia for spring break. And I am going to both make it work and get out alive!

Here are my top three things:

  1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Sail the Whitsunday Islands
  3. Camp on Fraser Island

Wait. I have to hang with a koala too. And a kangaroo. Maybe I’ll find a Kangaroo in the Whitsundays?? Haha. Okay. No. I won’t. But I’ll find one on a beach somewhere!

I’ll be sure to share how the planning goes. Until then, make it work, peeps. Make it work!


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