In Search of: The Daily Photo – Shadows and Light

This little girl is my model. I’m not even kidding. I brought my camera along to a family dinner, and stole a few shots. It only took a two minute break for her to come up to me and say, “Will you play a game with us?” I bought in. “What’s the game?” And she replied, “We’re going to have a photography club. Will you be the photographer and take pictures of us?” God, I love that girl. Seriously. To top off the excitement of having her picture taken, she also takes direction incredibly well. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous and just the sweetest thing in the whole world (a bit sassy, but that sort of adds to her charm). Oh, and did I mention I’m lucky enough to be her aunt? Yep. I’m stealing this one away for a portrait shoot super soon. Awesome background to compliment awesome niece? Yes, please.


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