In Search of: Balance and iPhones and Randomness

First things first. Before I get into my random thoughts at the moment, let’s talk about the most fun thing that happened today! I got an iPhone!! Holy crap, you heard that right.Okay, so maybe you don’t know me that well, and you don’t see why this is a big deal. But, I assure you, it is. Hello, my name is Heather, and I’m the cheapest person on the planet. But I guess I can’t take that title anymore because I finally broke down and went the way of the smart phone. Hallelujah, peeps! Go on, welcome me to the current century. 😉


And now onto other things.

As you may have guessed, it’s been a bit of a rough school year (I say this because I’ve all but disappeared on the blog these days). Yet saying it’s been a rough year doesn’t quite feel right, seeing as how this has felt like my best year as a teacher. I have great classes. My students are, for the most part, wonderful. From a purely intellectual/academic standpoint, I’m having a great time. But it’s been a struggle in other aspects. My responsibilities are making for loooooong days. And I’m tired. Like, all the time. This makes it hard to come home and write. Mostly because my brain shuts off after 12 hours of work. I would say I have good intentions, but to be honest, even my intentions are half-assed these days. I’ll start to think of a post, some little tidbit that would be fun to share, then I’ll get halfway through the thought and decide it’s too much effort to even finish thinking about.

My hope is that as the school year progresses, juggling everything will get easier. I don’t exactly see an end in sight. But I still have hope, peeps.

The good news is, keeping up with my photography has not proven a challenge. Although my brain doesn’t care to form complete sentences at the end of the workday, it is pretty darn content sitting down and editing photos. Editing is my “mindless” work. Not that it’s mindless; it’s not. But it’s a bit like meditation for me. I don’t think about anything. I focus on color and shape and form. I look at shadows and light. And this type of thought is completely different from the type that requires me to explain basic biochemistry to ninth graders. And so I think of nothing while I make my art. And that makes me very happy.

I’m excited to report my photography skills have definitely grown in the last several months. In addition, my editing skills are coming into their own. Although I don’t feel I have a complete grasp on my style as a photographer, I’m starting to see what I gravitate toward. This is exciting! I’m more comfortable taking portraits of random people and dreaming up shoots that get my blood pumping. These are all things that I struggled to visualize not so long ago. And it feels good to say I’m making some awesome progress!

So although life is complicated and busy and tiring, it’s also pretty awesome right now. I’m daydreaming and making plans and concocting ideas. And in the midst of all this scheming, I’m taking time to enjoy life. I’m spending time with friends and hanging out and laughing and being silly. I’m hiking (not as much as I’d like, but I’m still getting out there!). As a matter of fact, I took a trip a week ago to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Both were stunning, and I really do need to share that with you (as with all my trips, it doesn’t come without its mishaps and funny stories).

My goal is simply to update a bit more often. I can’t make promises right now as to what that schedule will look like (because there’s a good chance that promise would not be kept). But I miss writing and keeping up with the website. I’ve got so much awesome stuff going on right now, and I really do want to share! So — pinky promise — I will make an effort.

For now, I will leave you with a couple photos. One is from Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. I really can’t wait to tell you about the trip and share photos. That is one gorgeous spot! The other is a portrait from a session I did this weekend that I loved.


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