In Search of: A New Website and an Invitation

It’s been so long, my friends! This post is to let you know that I haven’t actually disappeared. I’ve simply moved my online home. In Search of Squid will stay here (as I absolutely adore it — it’s such a beautiful record of several years of my life). But I don’t write here anymore.

Here’s where I currently write. I invite you to join me there!

My purpose for writing and blogging has changed, and this site simply doesn’t fit anymore. And for good reason! I started this site in search of something…the good life, my quest to have it all, etc. And you know what? I pretty much found what I was looking for. I no longer feel lost. I no longer feel the need to search. I have an incredible life, filled with people I adore, adventures, work that fulfills me. And I want to honor that. I don’t want to change In Search of Squid. It’s perfect just the way it is, honoring a part of my life that needed searching and questioning. And my new site is a perfect home for me now, honoring my art and my yoga and my current adventures.

Please come to the new site and take a look!


p.s. I will come back to update my bucket list periodically! Because, you know, I think it’s fun!! (And, omg, I am in need of a bucket list update!)


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