Bucket List

Bucket List Directions (because I love structure, peeps!):

  1. Create a list of tasks to complete.
  2. Make it a FUN list! (This is perhaps most important; if something becomes un-fun one day, immediately delete from the list!)
  3. Take a picture while completing each task.

Below is the task list. I’ve divided it by continent and created a separate section for items that can be done without attachment to a specific place. Seriously. Don’t you get chills just thinking about all this? I do.

North America:

  • Go sailing through Caribbean waters
  • Visit every state in the U.S.
  • Take a great American road trip
  • Swim in Havasu Falls (September 2012)
  • Hike the Na Pali Coast in Kauai
  • Sit in a cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park
  • Swim in a cenote
  • Sip lemonade on the porch of a lovely southern home
  • Hike the grand canyon rim to rim
  • Gaze at the Aurora Borealis
  • Paddle down the Coal River in West Virginia
  • See the Florida Everglades by moonlight
  • Set foot in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

South America:

  • Climb the highest point possible in Machu Picchu (April 2012)
  • Kayak in the Amazon (April 2012)
  • Watch wild macaws fly (April 2012)
  • Mountain bike down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia
  • Take Latin dance lessons in Latin America
  • Climb a tree in the Amazon Rainforest (April 2012)
  • Trek to El Mirador


  • Rent a summer house in the countryside somewhere in Europe
  • Get lost in the Louvre (July 2006)
  • Swim in the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
  • Take a cycling tour through Italy (or some other brilliant European location)


  • Backpack through Southeast Asia (June 18 – August 8, 2011)
  • Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat (Summer 2011)
  • Traverse 13.1 miles of the Great Wall of China (a half-marathon!)
  • Stand in front of the treasury in Petra, Jordan
  • Float in the Dead Sea


  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • Swing in a hammock in the South Pacific (not exactly in Australia, but it’s the closest continent)


  • Reach the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Tour the pyramids of Giza
  • Watch gorillas in the wild
  • Buy spices in Morocco
  • Witness the migration in the Serengeti


  • Set foot on Antarctica; doesn’t matter what I do — just get there!

Location Independent:

  • Run a marathon (May 25, 2009)
  • Go zip lining (June 11, 2011)
  • Cliff jump (August 7, 2014)
  • Do a mud run (April 10, 2011)
  • Have boudoir pictures taken (December 4, 2009)
  • Buy and learn to use a digital SLR camera
  • See Bon Jovi in concert (February 27, 2010)
  • Take a drawing class (Spring 2009)
  • Decorate my whole home exactly as I want (Winter 2012 and again Summer 2013!)
  • Live close enough to walk to work (2008 – 2010)
  • Own a home (May 2012)
  • Go camping with my own camping gear (I have the gear; just need to get out!)
  • Take a painting class
  • Get body painted
  • Take a ballet class (Fall 2012)
  • Complete a bicycle century
  • Learn the basics of sailing
  • Swim with wild dolphins
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Swim near a whale shark
  • Eat empanadas from a street vendor (Summer 2012)
  • Hold a wild monkey’s hand (Summer 2011)
  • Go skinny dipping in an exotic locale
  • Kayak any river (June 29, 2011)
  • Go white water rafting
  • Go hang gliding from the top of a mountain and land on the beach
  • Go rock climbing (May 8, 2010)
  • Watch the world below from a hot air balloon
  • Soak in a hot tub in the snow
  • Take underwater pictures as a certified scuba diver
  • Snowboard down a mountain without falling
  • Have a conversation in French in a French-speaking country (not exactly location independent, but this fits more than one continent)
  • Have a conversation in Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country (same as above) (Summer 2012)
  • Take ballroom dance lessons (any type) in the country of origin
  • Take ballroom dance lessons at home
  • Learn to pole dance (Fall 2009)
  • Take a cooking class in the country where the style originates
  • Host a going-away dinner party
  • Live in another country (must stay at least two months in the same accommodation)
  • Take a solo trip to another country (Southeast Asia, Summer 2011)
  • Celebrate Christmas on a tropical beach
  • Cycle through a country
  • Write a travel memoir that at least one person (not in my family) reads and loves (without my coaxing)
  • Go sandboarding
  • Dance with a penguin
  • Go dog sledding