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In Search of: A Lovely Downtown in Indianapolis

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When I registered to attend the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) annual conference, I didn’t think too much of the venue.  Yes, I’ve never been to Indiana.  So I was a bit excited to check off another destination on my quest to visit each state in the U.S.  (I’m getting closer, peeps!)  Other than that, I imagined it would be an iffy, industrial looking downtown area.

I was wrong.

I arrived in Indianapolis and immediately sort of loved it.  I can’t vouch for any other part of the city.  I didn’t see much other than downtown.  But downtown Indianapolis was clean and, well, super cute.  (How’s that for a fantastic description?)   Our hotel was a quick walking distance to the convention center, yet far enough away that I often wandered the streets and had a look around.  I loved the stone street-ways.  And the state museum being so close.  And the rolling park and river walk.  And did I mention the turquoise fire hydrants?  Yes.  Their fire hydrants are painted turquoise.  Who wouldn’t love a town with such bright spectacles for curbing fires?  It also didn’t hurt that I absolutely loved the conference.  It was inspiring and fun and geeky and sort of perfect.  (Especially since I got to kick it with a couple of penguins and watch a free 3D viewing of To the Arctic.)

I probably wouldn’t go to Indianapolis for a vacation all its own — you all know I’m more the mountain/jungle type and less the city type.  But I must say, if you’re nearby, downtown Indianapolis is certainly worth the stop.

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