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In Search of: 10 on the 10th (favorite recent photos!)

I did portraits of my seriously adorable nieces and nephew a few weeks back. And I’ve got to say, this might be my favorite session yet. First, they’re all gorgeous. So really, it was super easy. And I had a ton of fun taking them to different spots in the Wetlands Park here in Las Vegas. Plus, as I’ve edited this session, I keep coming up with new things I want to try — new poses, new lighting, off-camera flash. All kinds of goods! I love a photo shoot in which I get home and the portraits simply give me more inspiration.

I’m not through editing yet, but here are 10 of my favorites from the shoot thus far. (But seriously, it was hard picking only 10. This may be due to the fact that I’m the biased aunt, and I love them all and think they’re totes amazing to look at.) Regardless, so much love, and so much fun!


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In Search of: The Perfect Portrait (The Daily Photo)

My first passion as a photographer was landscapes. That really arose from my love of travel and capturing the places I visited. But it wasn’t long before I started noticing the people in those places. And I wanted to capture them too — their expressions, their lives, their every day interactions and play. Thus, it should come as no surprise, that I have also fallen in love with portrait photography. I love photographing faces. Human expression is so varied and yet so much the same from person to person. Every time I capture true emotion, it’s like gold. I get giddy.

I love lifestyle portraits. I love posed portraits. I love styled sessions. There’s nothing quite like capturing a moment.


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In Search of: The Daily Photo

I took this portrait a few days ago, and it’s one of my favorites yet! I love the contrast of Lexie’s silliness with Marissa and Ashley’s sweet, perfect posing. These girls always make me smile, and they’re so fun to work with.


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In Search of: The Daily Photo – Shadows and Light

This little girl is my model. I’m not even kidding. I brought my camera along to a family dinner, and stole a few shots. It only took a two minute break for her to come up to me and say, “Will you play a game with us?” I bought in. “What’s the game?” And she replied, “We’re going to have a photography club. Will you be the photographer and take pictures of us?” God, I love that girl. Seriously. To top off the excitement of having her picture taken, she also takes direction incredibly well. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous and just the sweetest thing in the whole world (a bit sassy, but that sort of adds to her charm). Oh, and did I mention I’m lucky enough to be her aunt? Yep. I’m stealing this one away for a portrait shoot super soon. Awesome background to compliment awesome niece? Yes, please.


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In Search of: The Daily Photo

If you’ve never dabbled in photography, you may not know that perfecting the black and white is somewhat…ridiculously annoying. Because it’s difficult. Finding the right balance of contrast and such is hard when you’re limited by color (or lack thereof). Yet, I LOVE black and white photography. It has the ability to express so much emotion. So I’ve been focused lately on perfecting my black and white editing and truly finding my style.

Here’s a shot of my nephew, Anthony. Love this kid. So much. He doesn’t often let me capture him through the viewfinder, but I just love it when he lets me steal a shot.


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