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In Search of: Postcards from Cusco, Peru (and some rambling…)

As the school year approaches its end, I have come to find myself…completely and UTTERLY exhausted!  Wow.  The students are great.  Really, they are.  Except as the countdown ticks on, I find myself wanting to strangle them — on the regular.  I mean, seriously, the looks on my face when they smart off like typical teenagers — the looks are priceless.  I’ve noticed my patience growing thinner.  There is good reason for 9 month school years (or 10, as in my case).  Because, otherwise, more and more teachers would end up in jail.  (Hey.  Don’t knock me.  If you’re a teacher, you 100% understand.)  I love those kids.  And I NEED to get away from them.  Thank goodness for summer break and hikes to Mt. Whitney and trips to Central America!  Woot!  It keeps me going at this moment — it really does.  (8.5 work days to freedom!)

So anyway, in an effort to take my mind mentally as far away from students and tests and lectures and school rules as possible — let’s talk Peru!

Would you believe I’m STILL editing Peru pictures.  For a two week trip, I sure did get camera happy.  In all, I took about 2,000 photos.  Granted, I trashed several hundred after going through them all.  Many were duplicates and practice shots as I worked to get more comfortable with the fancy camera.  Taking the pictures was amazingly fun, and although I love the challenge of organizing and editing on occasion, this ridiculously large quantity has been a pain in the ass.

Regardless.  Cusco, Peru easily became one of my favorite travel cities.  Granted, I have A LOT of favorite travel cities.  I love anything that’s different from my own city (isn’t that half the purpose of traveling?).  But what I loved about Cusco was it’s small town feel even though it was relatively large (for a Peruvian city, anyhow).  Walking the city wasn’t an enormous undertaking.  It felt more like a stroll.  Because of this, we unknowingly put lots of miles on our walking shoes as we meandered.  Although this tired me out at the time, I promise, it was worth every last mile.  That city will stick with me for sure.

Without further rambling, allow me to introduce you to my latest idea:  postcards!  Yes, some photo faves are being turned into postcards.  These postcards are from the second day of the Peru trip — where else but Cusco!  They have a bit of a vintage/artsy look to them (well, most of them).  I’m just playing around and having fun, experimenting.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.  Expect more postcards of other favorite travel photos to come!

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