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In Search of: The 2014 End of Year Video (I LIVED.)

If you’ve been reading this blog a while, you’re probably familiar with my end of year tradition — the end of year video!! OMG. It’s my absolute favorite thing. For reals. It makes me smile and laugh and sometimes even cry (but always in a good way). Going through photos and videos and posts from the year really makes me count all the awesome things that happened. And, sometimes, that’s a lifesaver.

Like this year. Looking back (without really examining the year) I sort of thought the year was a bust. I was disappointed about a lot of things. I was feeling a little deflated. But I love my video tradition, so I carried on anyway, setting out to create a video that was truly representative of all the good that occurred in 2014.

And you know what happened? I sorta kinda knocked my socks off! All this reminiscing about the positive made me realize — I lead a pretty charmed life. I experience amazing things, and I have a fantastic group of friends.

It kind of changed everything about my outlook. And with that, I feel amazing. I really do.

I started this tradition six years ago, and I’ve no plans for stopping! And now I share my video with you. Have a seat, get cozy, and enjoy!

Farewell 2014. Bring it on 2015. Bring it on.

2014 – I Lived from Heather Rae on Vimeo.

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In Search of: My 2013 Year in Review

It’s become quite the tradition to create an end of year video. Some people sit down and make a blog post, listing out the things they achieved that year and the things they didn’t quite make happen, as a way of reflecting. Sometimes I do that too. But nothing quite captures my year better than these little videos. They remind me of the good times (even during what seemed a rough year).

The music. The video clips. The pictures. The dancing! I sort of love it. And so I was rather excited to get to making this year’s video, always hoping to top the last. I’m even excited to say I’ve got a few friends joining me on this quest! (It’s a group tradition now!) Anyhow, this year’s video has been created. And I love it. I think it captures the year perfectly, as it says everything I need it to say in order to move into 2014 ready to make more memories.

My 2013 video is all about capturing brave. It was my brave year, struggles and all. I hope you enjoy it! Press play, peeps.


2013: Be Brave from Heather Rae on Vimeo.

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In Search of: The 2012 Year-in-Review Video!! Woot!

That’s right.  It’s finally here!  I’m about three weeks late with this whole end-of-year video thing.  But that totally doesn’t matter.  Because what matters is the fact that it’s officially done, and I’m ready to go running into 2013 (’cause it’s going to be all kinds of awesomesauce, I tell you).  So grab your popcorn and get ready for some serious silliness.

Here’s to 2013 being just as amazing as 2012!

2012: Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum from Heather Rae on Vimeo.

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