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In Search of: Hiking in Malibu

I lived in the Los Angeles area nearly eight years, yet somehow didn’t hike much while there.  One place I’ve always wanted to hike is Malibu.  With such stunning ocean vistas, who could resist?  Yet, I somehow did.  All beside the point because I’m making up for it now.  Just after New Year’s, Joe and I headed out to the Santa Monica Mountains for my very first Malibu hike.  I only had my portrait lens on hand, so I was a bit limited in the photog area, but I still captured some shots that let you get a feel for the spot.  And let me tell you — the Santa Monica mountains are stunning!  This will definitely not be my last foray out there.

Happy Friday, friends!  Enjoy!


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In Search of: Lone Pine Lake at Mt. Whitney Portal

You may recall before I left to Guatemala, I decided to hike a big-ass mountain in the States.  Prior to the ridiculously long, 22-mile day hike, I trained for a couple of months.  And then on July 6, I headed up to Lone Pine, California, the city at the base of Mt. Whitney.  We arrived on the evening of the 6th and planned to acclimate to the elevation before tackling the peak on the 8th.  That left us with the 7th to entertain ourselves.

Lone Pine is a cute little western town (think old west or wild west), but if you’re not eating, there’s not much to do.  So.  We did what any sane group of individuals would do the day prior to a 22-mile hike.  We hiked the first part of the Whitney Trail up to Lone Pine Lake!  There’s nothing quite like a 5.6 mile hike the day before tackling Whitney.  Nope.  Nothing quite like it.

But here’s what I can say:  it was warm, the sun was shining, and it really was a lovely way to spend a day.  Enjoy the pictures!

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P.S.  I have to be honest — I only took a couple of these pictures.  Joe (the one in the pics above) had my camera, so he’s responsible for most of these awesome shots!

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Adventures in Rock Climbing

This post was written by Heather Rae.  Follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

One of my favorite activities: checking items off the bucket list.  Thus, I’m very happy to report that I checked something off this weekend.

I went rock climbing!

Rock climbing was an activity I added to the list when I was trying to come up with things that are outside of my comfort zone.  Here’s why rock climbing fits the bill:  I’m afraid of heights.  Yeah, climbing up a steep rock, held by one rope and sheer will — let’s just say that’s not something I would naturally be inclined to do.  It definitely qualifies as outside the box in my book.

Steven and I headed out on Saturday with a group of friends.  We went to Point Dume in Malibu.  I really had no idea what we were in for.  My idea of rock climbing for the novice was something small and manageable, something where I was sure to reach the top.  I was in for a surprise.

We walked along the beach for a while before reaching our destination.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful.  They couldn’t have picked a more perfect location to spend a day outside, soaking in the sun.

The rock, however, scared the crap out of me.  It was tall…and steep.  I know, I know — what did I expect?  Apparently, in the world of rock climbing, this is an easy climb.  Point Dume is noted as being very moderate and “a common place to take novice climbers.”  When I first saw what I had gotten myself into, I had to disagree.

In some small (and rather vocal) way, I sort of wanted to back out.  I thought, I could be happy just watching other people climb.  I don’t actually have to do it. Luckily, I was with friends that wouldn’t let me back out.

So after watching Megan and Nathan climb, I gave it a shot.  And you know what?  It wasn’t so bad.  Actually, I’d dare to say it was fun. Granted, that doesn’t mean I made it to the top (I didn’t).  But I gave it my best shot and had an awesome time trying.

All in all the day was great.  After chasing down an In-N-Out burger and a Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Nathan declared this the perfect college day (not that any of us are in college anymore).  But it did have that feel to it.  Hanging out on the beach, trying out rock climbing, laughing with friends.  Now that’s a good day.

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