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In Search of: Cliff Jumping at the Colorado River

With less than two weeks left before heading back to the classroom, I realized I was in dire need of a little FUN. So I checked my bucket list and chatted with a friend about what could be done to remedy my problem. We came up with something — cliff jumping!! My friend, Terrell, knew of an awesome spot on the Colorado River that didn’t require a hike through scorching summer temperatures to get there. And it just so happened to be a popular spot for cliff jumping. Plans were made, and off we went — in search of facing my fear of heights by jumping off a cliff into the river.

And jump I did!! It was scary. But also boatloads of fun. Not to mention, the river was perfection, and we found the perfect spot tucked in some rocks that provided shade for our afternoon picnic. All in all, it was a lovely day!

Want to see proof? Here’s the video of my very first cliff jump:

And a couple of shots from the day:


If you’re itching for an adventure, grab a friend, brainstorm ideas, and head on outside! I highly recommend it. 🙂

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