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In Search of: The Perfect Portrait (The Daily Photo)

My first passion as a photographer was landscapes. That really arose from my love of travel and capturing the places I visited. But it wasn’t long before I started noticing the people in those places. And I wanted to capture them too — their expressions, their lives, their every day interactions and play. Thus, it should come as no surprise, that I have also fallen in love with portrait photography. I love photographing faces. Human expression is so varied and yet so much the same from person to person. Every time I capture true emotion, it’s like gold. I get giddy.

I love lifestyle portraits. I love posed portraits. I love styled sessions. There’s nothing quite like capturing a moment.


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In Search of: The Daily Photo

Sometimes I love to go back and re-edit photos. My editing style evolves over time, and it’s always fun to see how my vision now is different from my previous vision. I took this picture last Christmas. I loved it then. But I think I love it even more in black and white.


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