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In Search of: Editing Like a Madwoman and Flores, Guatemala

Lately, it would seem I spend all my free time editing pictures.  I keep telling myself if I just edit a few more, just a few more, I’ll get them ALL done before new year’s.  Granted “just a few more” is something like 500 photos.  I am so lucky!  (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

I’m in a super big hurry for a couple reasons.  (Well, one might not refer to this as a super big hurry, seeing as how I’m STILL editing pictures I took last summer in Central America.  But I digress.)  First, I want to wrap up all this editing before the end of the year.  I like to close the year out nice and smooth.  Who likes left over projects from the previous year lurking around (especially when said projects were supposed to be done months ago)?  But mostly — and this is seriously important stuff — I need them for the end of year video!  Oh, yes, I’ve got big plans for my 2012 wrap-up video.  There will be dancing and singing and confetti and jungles and rivers and mountains, oh my!  And did I mention the dancing?  Dancing in the streets, I tell you.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve been searching for the perfect song to accompany said awesomesauce.  And I think I’ve got it.  I’m so freaking excited!

But none of that can happen without the pictures being ready!

And so I plug away.  20 pictures here.  20 pictures there.  Some day, I swear, these computer induced headaches will pay off.  I’m seriously loving some of the photos I’ve been working on lately.  I’m in the midst of editing photos from Livingston, Guatemala.  Such good memories.  So many beautiful moments.  Sunrises and sunsets and Caribbean storms and river canoeing and ocean-fresh fish and hammocks and all around loveliness.  It’s also ridiculously exciting that I can actually see improvements in my photography from the start of the trip to the end.  I LOVE that.

I have a fantastic group of shots from Flores, Guatemala I look forward to sharing with you.  Right now, though, I want to share some of the photos taken in Flores by my friend, Terrell (of Photo Anthems).  Sometimes it’s awesome to have another photographer along for the ride, you know?  Because of Terrell, I’m actually in a lot of my travel pictures.  It’s been fun to see them!  So enjoy this peek at Flores, and I’ll be sure to post a slew of my own Flores photos very soon.

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