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What’s Squid Got to Do with It?

You might wonder why I decided to name my blog In Search of Squid.  So let me explain.

Here’s how it started:  I was having one of those days. You know — when you go into the office only to realize you wish you had called in sick.  I did manage to make it through (as we all generally do).  But when the day was over, I slumped down on the couch, remote in one hand, bowl of popcorn in the other, wondering what on earth I was doing with my life.

I started flipping through channels.  How is it that one can have 500 options and still find nothing to watch?  Damn. Anyhow, I did eventually find something.  I found myself captivated by a documentary about a scientist and his hunt for squid. As the man on the screen expressed his lifelong quest to capture the first pictures of living, breathing giant squid, I watched intently.  And I realized something…

People will pay you to do anything. I mean, seriously – this man was looking for some mysterious creature from the likes of great science fiction novels.  (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea ring any bells?)  And some organization thought it was important to give him money to do it.

(This is the ah-ha moment.)

I can seriously make money doing anything. Really — like, anything.  Whatever my little heart desires — I can do that.  And someone will pay me for it.  If this guy can make a living happily searching for squid, said to live in the depths of the sea, why couldn’t someone make a living designing jungle gyms for monkeys, knitting sweaters for kittens or growing coconuts in the Caribbean.  That’s freakin’ amazing.  You’ve gotta love this place.

So that’s it.  A man taking pictures of a giant sea creature inspired me to search for the one job in life that would fulfill me.

Now — fast forward a year or so.

This squid stuff is harder than I thought.  I envy the person that can find one career that will satisfy all their interests and curiosities.  What I’ve managed to find out so far is this — I am so not that person.  I’m not sure if it’s the ADD brought on by growing up in the MTV generation or simply my inability to make up my mind, but I have way too many interests to find my squid in one job, one career or one anything.

For me, finding squid has come to mean exploring my many passions — savoring the journey — living the good life.

So here I am — seeking all that life has to offer, in search of squid.  I’ve decided to share this journey with you.  I hope you have fun reading my rants, opinions, experiences and quite frankly — my many random thoughts.

illustration credit: Dot D

photo credit: joeduty

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