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In Search of: A Kayaking Adventure

With a river like this literally steps outside my door, I simply couldn’t resist a possible river adventure.  And seeing as how number 2 on my bucket list had sort of been taunting me for months, I knew there was no time like the present.  Kayaking it was.

I signed up for a day-long kayaking trip with a guide and three others.  My new friends were all men.  It would seem not a lot of women were interested in trudging through knee-deep mud while pulling a surprisingly heavy kayak behind them.  And although I got one nasty spider bite on my foot before launching into the river, I must say — it was pretty freakin’ awesome.

Our first stop was at a village only accessible by water.  The village was surprisingly untouched by modernity and absolutely amazing.  Chickens wandering the roads, children climbing in trees, women cooking in homes with dirt floors.  The people were incredibly sweet and so welcoming.  But between my camera battery issues and not wanting to exploit the sweet people, I didn’t take any pictures.  No worries though; I won’t forget them.

After the village, we stopped at a waterfall for lunch.  We swam, we ate delicious Laos food, and we wandered.  In a word, it was perfection.  And although each prior day in Luang Prabang had been filled with rain, this day started perfectly sunshine filled.

And then I climbed a tree over the river, further covering myself in mud!

I wandered off down the path to see what I could see, which turned out to be lots of lush scenery and forest.  Of course, my new-found friends didn’t exactly appreciate me wandering off alone without mentioning where I was going.  But as you can see, all’s well that ends well.

After a couple of hours lounging by the falls, we set out back down the river.  It started to rain and suddenly seemed as if the world washed away.  It was just me, my guide and my three new friends.  Rapids caught two of them and flipped them over for a moment of excitement.  But other than that, the kayaking was serene.  And the day was quite perfect.

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