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In Search of: Fun Gifts and a Trip to the Springs Preserve

My weekend started with a trip to the mailbox and a super-awesome gift package from my friend, Christy. Christy has become my go-to travel buddy over the years. We travel well together. And that’s seriously saying something because I have little patience when it comes to traveling with other people. I don’t say that to be mean. It’s just who I am. Spending that much time with one person often puts me on edge. But not with Christy! She’s awesome, and we always have SO much fun together! She also happens to be the best person I’ve ever met when it comes to sending fun things in the mail. Whenever there’s a colorful, cute envelope in my mailbox, I don’t even have to look at who it’s from. She finds the cutest little things and just sends them — for fun — because why not?!? So one of the things in my package this time was a super cute little rope bracelet from her trip to Australia this summer. I wore it yesterday on my first day back to school — a nice little reminder of my future trip to Australia (likely next summer!). So thank you, Christy!! You always make me smile.


The rest of my weekend was spent thinking an awful lot about having to return to work on Monday. (Ack! It’s always tough going back after summer break.) I also took a trip to the Las Vegas Springs Preserve with my friend, Justin. It was my first time there, and it’s a great spot. There are trails (which I didn’t take this time because of the heat, but I’ll do them when the weather cools and report back), some great gardens, a small museum and even a desert animal exhibit/show.

Of course, there was also that moment I almost got eaten by a mammoth…


Soon after the mammoth incident, we spent the later part of the afternoon grabbing lunch at the cafe and enjoying this lovely view of the Las Vegas valley.


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