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In Search of: The Daily Photo – Valley of Fire

This is why I love Las Vegas. For some people it’s the shows, the proximity to the strip, the gambling. For me, it’s these dam pretty rocks! I mean, how can you get tired or colors like these? Gorgeous. I took this shot in Valley of Fire, about an hour outside of Las Vegas. It’s one of my favorite places ever. For reals. You drive along for an hour, and there’s nothing but desert. Nothing wrong with desert, but it all pretty much looks the same. And then, it’s as if a mirage appears. A red mirage. The land is so bright! Go a little deeper into the red, and you discover all sorts of colors: yellow, orange, purple. So, so pretty. This particular shot was captured on the way to the Fire Wave. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this place.


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In Search of: Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

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Valley of Fire State Park is one of my absolute favorite places on the planet.  The park is about an hour outside of Vegas, and it’s positively breathtaking.  These pictures only crack the shell of what Valley of Fire has to offer.  The rock formations and colors are so diverse, it’s like a world away from reality.  And you would never know it by the drive out there.  It’s amidst middle of nowhere dirt and rocks with nothing spectacular to see.  Half the fun is the surprise of driving through barren desert — that suddenly becomes a veritable rainbow of rock.

As much as I love this locale, I haven’t spent nearly as much time there as I would like.  It’s one of those locations Vegas is famous for — and by that, I mean it’s hotter than hell in the summer, so you have to remember to get out during the late fall through early spring months.

Seeing as how my hiking slows down tremendously as winter approaches (I’m a weather wuss, peeps), I sometimes miss out on this beautiful locale because, honestly, I forget to go!  Sort of like this past winter.  I missed it.  Someone slap me, please.  Trust me.  Valley of Fire is not to be forgotten.  So much so that I’m considering an overnight camp and and a 4am hike (to avoid the wretched heat of the day yet still revel in the beauty of it all).

Can you imagine watching the sunrise from atop one of those rock formations?  I bet it would be stunning.  And the stars out there?  Out of this world.

Who’s up for camping at Valley of Fire?


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