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In Search of: The Daily Photo

I took this picture in Northern Ireland at Dunluce Castle. The day was cold, and we were walking between cities when we stopped off at the castle (and the adorable little sandwich shop nearby — The Wee Cottage!). But I think the windy, cloudy, cold day worked in my favor when I took this shot because the mood is perfect. Kind of eery, don’t you think?


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In Search of: A Fun Video from Ireland

I went to Ireland with my friend, Christy.  In the past few years, she’s pretty much become my travel buddy, and I can always count on her to to be up for any kind of trip my crazy self comes up with (even ones that involve freezing hikes through snow and bogs!).  While sitting on the train from Belfast to Dublin, Christy took a video of us chatting about the trip.  And now she’s edited it and put together an awesome video all about our hiking trip through Northern Ireland.  Love this.

Hillwalk Ireland trip 2013 from coffeeintherain on Vimeo.

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