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In Search of: Self-Portrait Series No. 4 and 5

I went hiking up at Red Rock Canyon today.  It’s one of my favorite hiking spots (because, seriously, whichever trail you pick, you can’t go wrong — all sorts of beauty up there).  I knew I was due for another selfie (actually, two), so I brought along the tripod.  And let me just tell you — the day was phenomenally perfect.  Sometimes I’m amazed by how flawless the weather can be in Las Vegas in February (which doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s simply lovely).  I set out to discover a new trail today and found myself scrambling in the Calico Basin area.  There’s a chance I was on the Grand Staircase hike.  There’s a chance I was just scrambling randomly up the side of a mountain.  Either way, good times my friends.  I do hope you’re enjoying the weekend too!

Self Portrait No. 4

2.2.13_Calico_Basin  (41)-3.jpg

 Self Portrait No. 5

(As you can see, I had a blast with my hiking buddy.)


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In Search of: Hiking White Rock Loop, Red Rock Canyon

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I discovered a new favorite trail at Red Rock Canyon.  It’s called White Rock Loop.  I went on a whim because the weather was bad, and I wasn’t sure my first-choice trail would be safe in the wind and rain.  Turned out there was no wind or rain (at least not while we were out), but I’m not disappointed my plans changed.  White Rock Loop boasts beautiful scenery and the perfect spot for lunch (I’m a fan of lunch with a view).  It’s also an awesome fitness hike – a great incline to get your heart rate up and thighs burning without being overly intense.  The perfect day hike.  Check out specific directions for the trail here.  Happy hiking!

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