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Adventures at Snow Lake

So this whole hiking deal has become a weekly thing.  And I love it!  I went out with Christy over the weekend to follow the trail to Snow Lake. We had a blast, got really sweaty, got really cold, laughed a lot, made a few bird friends (and one chipmunk) and nearly got lost in the fog.  Good times.

The hike was beautiful; though, I can’t really tell you what the lake looked like.  By the time we reached it, we were enveloped by clouds.  Aside from fog, there wasn’t much to see past the immediate shore.  From the top of the mountain, we did look down and catch a glimpse of the lake, and from what I could tell — spectacular.

At the end, we stopped for a picnic at the perfect spot, complete with some seriously friendly wildlife.  The birds were so sweet up there.

This was an awesome trail.  Fog or no fog, prepare for some breathtaking scenery.  And be warned, the road is rocky.  You’ll likely wish for a foot massage once you reach the end.

Have you been on any great outdoor adventures lately?

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