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In Search of: Empanadas in Flores, Guatemala

While in Flores, Guatemala, I had the chance to cross an item off the bucket list.  Neil, the owner of Chaltunha — the cabanas I stayed at — took my friend and I down to pick up some seriously yummy, authentic street food.  The bucket list item was more specific than simply eating street food (I’ve done that plenty of times).  Rather, the plan was to eat fresh empanadas from a street vendor.  And let me tell you — my love of Latin American street food has not waned.  While waiting for the food, we practiced our limited Spanish skills with the family (the vendor was definitely a family affair, especially since they operated right outside their house), and they let us take pictures while they cooked.  I love these shots for their simplicity — no flashes or extra lights or any special editing — and for the brilliant memory they stir up.

Flores  (151).jpgFlores  (155).jpgFlores  (153).jpgFlores  (157).jpgFlores  (152).jpgFlores  (154).jpgFlores  (156).jpgFlores  (158).jpgFlores  (159).jpgc89-Flores  (145).jpgFlores  (149).jpgFlores  (150).jpg

Journal Excerpt (July 20, 2012):

Time moves incredibly slow down here.  It is so easy to forget what day it is, and I pretty much never know what time it is.  I know when it’s light, and I know when it’s dark.  And when my stomach growls, I figure I should get some food.  The other day, one of the shuttle guys was talking to a girl in my shuttle.  He said something like, “So you probably want to do the Tikal tour on Friday.”  She looked at him kind of blank while he kept talking, and I immediately knew what she was thinking.  She had to interrupt him and said, “I’m sorry.  But what day is today?”  I feel the same way.

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