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In Search of: A Visa Run

As promised.  The story of my trip to Southeast Asia continues…

After three days in Bangkok, it was time for a visa run (not for me).  So the next logical step obviously meant heading to Laos.  We took the overnight bus from Bangkok to Vientiane.  One thing I wish I took more pictures of was food.  When we reached the bus station in Bangkok, we had time to spare and spent that time gorging on street food.  It was total YUM.  But anyhow, here’s the story of Vientiane in pictures.

We reached the border between Thailand and Laos without visas, which meant we spent a few hours waiting for the border to open in order to get a visa on arrival.  My dear friend, the master of sleeping anywhere, continued his slumber on the plastic chairs at the border using a plastic water bottle as a pillow.  Somehow this worked for him.  I was envious.  After sleeping on a bus and hours spent at the border, it was good we made friends with a monk named Sien that helped us cut in line, avoid extra fees and catch the cheapest bus to the capitol.  Sweet man, that Sien.

An evening walk in front of the river after having reached Vientiane.

Vientiane was once a French colony.  Lots of buildings are left over from the French, including this mini Arc de Triomphe.

Drenched in rain each time we stepped outside, we opted to spend a lot of time at this juice shop.  I believe this marked the start of my fruit shake obsession.  Dragon fruit.  Avocado.  Mango.  Triple-yum!

On the plus side, all that rain forced me to relax and enjoy the moment.

After four days of overeating and lounging around in a fruit shake induced coma, we decided it was high time for a little culture.  The day before my very first venture alone, we visited Wat Si Saket, the oldest Buddhist temple in the area.  Yes, I know it’s a temple and you’re supposed to be all solemn or something.  But hell, I was excited!

Next time: a flood, a ditch, a mudslide and a 32-hour bus ride.  Find out why I fondly refer to my time in Laos as Adventures in Transportation.

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