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In Search of: A Vision for 2015 | Release & Renew

In-Search-of-Squid-Vision-Board-2015-1Every year I choose a theme. It’s a tradition I’ve carried on now for about 5 years. And I kind of love it. It’s like my guiding light, my guiding principle for the year ahead.

This time, I spent a lot of time trying out different words and different themes. So many words seemed to fit! Yet nothing felt just right. Until I stumbled upon two words that sort of…settled in the right places.

They feel good. And warm. Like the perfect embrace.

My 2015 theme: Release & Renew

Seriously. Whenever I say it or write it, my whole body takes an exhale and everything relaxes. It’s a gut check. That’s how I know it’s the perfect theme for the year.

I started by looking up the textbook definitions to see what I thought.

Release: to allow or enable escape from confinement; set free

Renew: to make something new, fresh or strong again; to begin again, especially with more force or enthusiasm

I sat down and did a little free writing to describe my feelings about Release & Renew and why they fit my year so perfectly. Here’s what came up.

2015 is all about releasing my light into the world and renewing my belief that I contain that light. It’s about releasing expectations, releasing the heaviness that has been weighing me down, and releasing the shame of missteps in the past year. It’s about renewing my sense of purpose, renewing my excitement for life, renewing my inner glow, and renewing my innate sense of peace and harmony. It’s about creating a year that lights me up from the inside – one that feels warm, soft, comfortable, and right. It’s about realigning with my core values. This year is about taking care of my inner self and my own needs, while radiating my renewed love of self to those around me. It’s about renewing my belief in my dreams, continuing action to reach those dreams, and sharing those dreams with others. It’s about love and light and zest for life.

So there it is, my friends. My theme for 2015. I have a feeling it will guide me well.

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In Search of: My Top Priorities for 2014

Before the new year, I did a bunch of work to plan and scheme for 2014. I usually do something like this each year. But this year, I took it to a whole new level. I joined a group of women to do something called the Holiday Council. My friend, Molly, does it every year, and I decided to give it a go this time around. And let me tell you, it rocked. I got so much out of it. I basically made an entire workbook dedicated to evaluating 2013 (small portion) and plotting for 2014 (large portion). This will definitely become a tradition.

Here are a few of the fundamental things I decided for the new year. First, my theme for 2014 is Daring Greatly. I got it from the Man in the Arena speech given many years ago by Theodore Roosevelt. If you’re curious about the speech (and I assure you, it’s awesome), click here. For me, Daring Greatly is about taking my theme from 2013 (Brave) and kicking it up a notch. I feel like my need to practice being brave is truly a two-parter, and I need more than one year to focus on it. So Daring Greatly means being brave and taking action — it means not only speaking my truth but also living my truth. Digging deep, getting dirty and doing the hard work.

To go with my theme of Daring Greatly, I’ve come up with 5 guiding principles for the year. They are:

  1. Be Connected: nourish current friendships, and cultivate new ones; work to build a few close friendships with the girls; surround myself with “my people”
  2. Be Business-Minded: create a solid business plan, and take the needed steps to successfully launch my part-time photography business
  3. Be Loving: learn to love without expectations and lose the fear of showing that love
  4. Be Adventurous: travel, hike, celebrate nature, and do things that make me feel strong
  5. Be Creative: find ways to express my artistic side that have nothing to do with making a living and everything to do with fun!

I made a list of specific things to do that go with these guiding principles. Things like making monthly random act of kindness packages for friends, having more get-togethers at my house, working through a complete business plan, planning an absolutely amazing solo trip to Australia for Spring Break, etc.

I’m excited. I think there’s so much potential for the coming year! And I’m doing my best to stay positive and believe in the possibilities. So, cheers, my friends! Here’s to making it happen in 2014 — and feeling overjoyed because we dared greatly!


(This photo was taken atop a rather large random rock at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, perhaps my favorite place in the state!)

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In Search of: Life to the Full in 2012

If you read my last post about travel plans, you know I’ve been thinking a lot about 2012.  (Not to worry, I’ve also been spending time enjoying precisely where I’m at.)  I just happen to think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting excited about what lies ahead.  And it would seem 2012 will be worth getting excited about. 

There were a lot of things in 2011 I loved.  But it was also a year of healing and getting situated and figuring out what the hell I was doing.  At the end of last year, I took part in a blogging event meant to help sift through thoughts about the year and set some intentions for the year ahead.  My very first post was called One Word, in which I chose a word that described the current year and picked a new word that I hoped would describe 2011.  The word I chose for 2011 was harmonyI hoped all the travel and adventure and braveness would come together and feel like harmony by the end of 2011. 

So how did I do?  Not bad.  I wouldn’t say the entire year was harmonious.  It was tumultuous at times.  It was heartbreaking.  It was brave.  But all-in-all, I’d say it did come together to feel like harmony.  Because I think all of those things needed to occur to bring me to this place.  And today — today I feel ready to take on another year.  I’m excited.  I think seriously good things are around the corner.  Hell, seriously good things are already here.

So here’s what I really liked about choosing a word for 2011:  when faced with a difficult situation or making a decision, I often thought of my word.  I asked myself — is this going to make harmony, or will it make more of a mess?  Seriously.  I did that.  And I think it helped.

So for 2012, I want a new word — a new theme.  I’ve been thinking about what my word should be, and I’ve realized this year is more of a phrase year.  My phrase for this year is:  to the full.

I want to take chances, have adventures and travel.  I will do what I want regardless of the opinions of others.  I choose to be open to opportunities.  I will go with the flow, with the moment, with my intuition.  This coming year will be lived to the full.  Even the smallest moments — I’m going to soak them up.  Perhaps you’ll join me in choosing a theme for the year?

In the next few days I’ll sit down and put some thought into 2012.  What do I want to accomplish?  What sounds like fun?  Nothing too detailed.  Nothing that requires strict following to the “T” — just a little something to start the year in a good direction, to get me thinking of what to the full really means.  I definitely have a few things I want to accomplish, and I have some fun ideas the get the year started all smiles.

Actually, the first thing is to paint a few accent walls in my apartment!  This will be my first attempt at painting anything with color, and I’m seriously excited and bit freaked out.  Luckily, I have Angela to help!  So that’s where I’m headed next — to Home Depot to pick up a few cans of Cozumel and a handful of paint supplies.  Pictures to come, peeps!  (Keep your fingers crossed for me that this goes well!)  Until next time, do you have a theme for 2012?  If so, I would love to hear it!

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